Great educational opportunity through Aspire Skills Hub

Aspire Skills Hub is your one-stop haven equipped to provide you with the requisite knowledge in various aspects of development in career, skills and higher education. The Hub is a subsidiary of Aspire Business Network, a US-based business and educational consultancy firm with a mission to make high quality, meaningful education and skills training easily accessible to all.

Leveraging on our parent company’s (Aspire Business Network) over 10 years of experience and strong reputation as a reliable and results-driven enterprise, Aspire Skills Hub has been carefully established to offer you end-to-end holistic support for everything concerning your career and education. This is based on five foundational service pillars of accessibility, affordability, quality, flexibility and safety.

With over 500 per year customers and still counting, you can count on Aspire Skills Hub to continuously deliver superior value to you, through a myriad of service offerings including school sourcing, scholarships, career advisory, training programs, seminars and other support services.

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Our Educational Service


Whether it’s pre-school, high school or a higher form of education, Aspire Skills Hub will assist you with a variety of options to choose from, based on our extensive network partnerships.

Related Services

We know you like to feel at home even when you aren’t at home. That’s why we are ready to facilitate your needs in other related services such as accommodation, health insurance and legal aid.

Professional Exams

We make it easy for you to acquire certifications in SAT, GRE and TOEFL. With our robust online learning and payment platform, we equip students with the requisite knowledge and preparation tips necessary for one time success.


We understand that affording a quality education can be quite a hurdle. That’s why we are offering you scholarships you won’t get anywhere else. Through our partnerships with various schools, we ensure that you enjoy high quality education at a much lower cost.

Skills Training

Beyond the regular classroom interactions, there are some skills that will be of utmost value in your career development. Through a variety of seminars and training programs, we ensure that you obtain the necessary skills you need to succeed in your career. All attendees are given certificates of participation.

Associate Degree

Students qualify or are eligible for all Associate degrees offered in the various schools we are in partnership with.